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Alcohol Policy

Facility clean-up policy:  the facility is to be cleaned before leaving as follows:

All decorations must be taken down and removed from the facility.  All cups, plates, food, straws, etc. must be cleared from tables and floor and put in garbage bags that will be provided by Tacoma Park Place.

The kitchen must be cleaned by having all counters washed off, refrigerator cleaned out, dishes washed and floors swept and cleaned.

Bathrooms will be cleaned by Tacoma Park Staff.

Grounds must be cleared from cups, bottles and extra garbage caused by the event.

If the party does not wish to clean up after the event, arrangements must be made with the Manager before the event ends and a $250.00 fee will be charged.

PLEASE NOTE:  The fee for renting the Tacoma Park Place facility does not include the setting up or taking down.  Chairs and tables are provided by Tacoma Park Place, however, if the party chooses to have our staff arrange tables and chairs, a fee of $15.00 per person per hour will be charged to set up or take down.

We thank you!

Heidi Mehlberg
605-229-0012 or 877-228-0012